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    More FB 4.5 BlazeDS bugs


      For FB 4.5 Plugin Mac Cocoa 32 bit:


      1. I am having trouble deleting and adding BlazeDS services from the Flash Builder perspective.

      2. Re-adding a service now forces me to create an additional valueObject instead of re-using the

          one I already created with another service. This is the first time I've seen this behavior since

          until now the tool was smart enough to reuse the existing VO.

      3. BlazeDS pops open a dialog box 'The following data types are already present or have

          conflicting properties on your project. Please rename the types or '<serviceName> will be

          prefixed to the existing name". The only option on the dialog box is an 'OK' button. When I

          click on the OK button, the service is created (versus giving me the ability to rename the

          service...which is not something I want to do nor should I have to)

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          WebTrauma Level 1

          This problem went away after I shut down my computer completely then restarted it.


          Shutting down and restarting the IDE did not cure it.


          UPDATE: I couldn't find a way to delete this post:


          Restarting my machine does not fix the problem. I now have corrupted ValueObjects.