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    Verity cfsearch results sort order

      We have implemented our first Verity cfindex/cfsearch using mx7 and I'm noticing that the results are returned grouped by collection rather than being returned highest to lowest score (as I thought cfsearch always had done in the past). Has anyone else noticed this or have a suggestion for forcing it return by score descending?

      The cfsearch code is:

      <cfsearch name="mySearch" collection="[hidden]" status="resultStatus" maxRows="#searchResultMax#" startRow="#searchResultStartRow#" criteria="*#searchFor#*" contextPassages="1" contextBytes="300" contextHighlightBegin="|highlight|" contextHighlightEnd="|/highlight|" />

      where "searchResultMax", "searchResultStartRow" and "searchFor" are dynamic and passed into the tag.

      Thank you.

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          CFDaddio Level 1
          One thing I have discovered since posting this is that *all* results are coming back with a 1.0000 "score" ... so, maybe it is sorting by score. The results just look odd grouped by category in reverse order that they were indexed (the last category indexed is the first category displayed). I guess the only thing I can do is to use a query of queries to break up the results?

          Thank you.