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    Animating the use of pencil and/or brush tool




      Please correct me if this needs to go in the AS3 forum and I will repost there. Thanks.


      I am making a movie of a trip I recently had and I want in the background a map with a being drawn on the roads travelled. Can I make this into an animation? Like so that the line is being drawn while photos fade in/out, etc?  I know I can make a frame for frame and extend the line a bit each time, but is there a less time consuming method?


      Hope I provided enough info, thanks! Oh, the lines will NOT be straight, and if possible I'd like the map that they are being drawn on to move in the background as well.






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          The easiest way would be an animated mask.


          Draw your line (route) in flash, make a movieclip out of it


          Then add another layer, right click on it and select "Mask" - the icons on the layers will change, now the top layer will be a mask for the bottom one


          In your mask layer, draw a rectangle and make a movieclip out of it. Make sure the rectangle is NOT over your road yet - lets say your road is going from left to right, so you place your mask rectangle to the left of your road (not over it yet).


          Then add more frames to your movie (like 100 frames). Right click into the timeline of the top (mask) layer and choose "Create motion tween". The layer will turn blue. Now go to the last frame on that layer and press F6 there to add another keyframe. Then (being in this last keyframe) move and scale your rectangle so it covers the whole road.


          Now if you test the movie the rectangle should move to the left slowly showing the road under it.


          I hope that makes sense

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            FTGLM Level 1

            Hello Philarmon,


            I'm a bit confused, first when I made the mask I had to go to properties to unlock it, is that normal?  Then when I draw the rectangle, what color do I make it, will it appear?  Anyway, once I did that it didn't work.


            Would it be possible to have a map with the line drawn on it and have the same map on top w/out the line fade out from one side? Making it appear as if the line is being drawn?


            Thanks for the input!



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              A little playing around and I figured it out, I just had to right click layer and "Show Mask".


              Thanks for the help!!




              If you'd like re-post and I'l get you the right answer points thing.