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    DTS HD audio is missing from .m2ts file


      I am learning how to use Premiere Pro by extracting the musical numbers from a commercial blu-ray disk (which I purchased).  The master .m2ts files are fine, playing nicely in the appropriate player.  The .m2ts file audio is encoded with DTS HD-MA.  However when I bring the .m2ts file into Premiere Pro or Encore CS5 there is no audio.  In the browser by the thumbnail I see the video described (1920 x 1080 (1.0), 23.976 fps, but there is no audio description. Playing the preview I see the video without any audio.   I'm using a 12 cpu  MacPro August 2010, 48 gb ram.


      One possibility might be that I am lacking DTS-HD support.  However I was hoping that there might be some way to simply extract the clip from the master .m2ts file with the original audio, and then generate a new file just copying the master audio track (clipped), without processing.


      My goal is to transfer the clips to a PS3 in order to play the clips with the original audio bitrate (4-5 mbps).  Is this possible?  Unfortunately the PS3 has the same problem, it also plays the .m2ts file without the audio.