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    Copy and paste in Sticky Note causes Reader X to hang

    MM Acton Level 1

      I have a reviewer who is trying to comment on a PDF.  When he tries to paste in a Sticky window, Acrobat Reader X hangs. I watched him do it twice, and both times it hung.


      First time:

      He created a sticky, moved out of the sticky to highlight some text, pressed Ctrl-C, moused back into the sticky and pressed  Ctrl-V. Reader X hung.


      Second time:

      He typed something in a text window, copied part of it, and then tried to paste it in the window.

      (He tried both Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V and Edit > Copy,  Edit > Paste.) Reader X hung.


      I think he was using Firefox, but I'm not sure. He's on Windows XP.


      Has anyone experienced this before?


      I made the PDF using FrameMaker 9 and Acrobat 9 Pro Extended on Windows 7.