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    Advice on Form: Submission and Review

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      I need some advice on how to set-up a form. Here is what I need to happen:


      A user will fill out a form requesting that a project be approved. This form includes things like a description of the project. The project request then needs to be approved by various people (finance department, risk department, submitter's manager, etc.)


      Currently, I have set up the process the following way:


      Step 1: The user fills out a project request form

      Step 2: Upon completion, the user submits the form (via email as an PDF file) to me.

      Step 3: I assign an ID to the request, turns it into read only and email this pdf to the approvers including a second pdf form that is essentially a sign-off form (the form has 6 sections for each approver, and the approver only fills out their section, which is their name and whether or not they approve it, and any notes they may have).

      Step 4: Each approver returns the sign-off form to me.

      Step 5: I compile all the forms together to create one giant PDF that includes the project request data and the sign-offs


      I feel that I have made this too complicate. There has to be a better way, so my question is the following:


      Can I maintain one single form (instead of 2) where the user fills out their section and then submits the form to me. I then forward the form to the approvers, who cannot edit the project request pieces (in other words, they can only fill out the approver section)?


      Also, I currently have the Project ID field locked so that people cannot fill it out but I want to be able to edit it. Currently, the only way I can do this is by editing the document in LiveCycle and setting the field to have a default value and resaving it. Is there a way that I (and only me) can easily edit this field from reader?


      My problem is that my office will expand, but we won't be able to afford to buy multiple copies of Adobe Pro. I'd like to be able to do this process all through reader with no use of pro (except to edit the form itself).


      I hope my question makes sense!!!!!!

      Thanks for reading!!

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          $Nith$ Level 4

          Do you have Process Management ES2 installed in your organization. If so, I can suggest few options.


          If you only purchased LiveCycle designer, it is quite difficult to achieve with sign form.




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            jcpecht Level 1

            Hi Nith,


            Yes, I do have LiveCycle ES2.



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              $Nith$ Level 4

              Well, you can have a single form and achieve your need.


              Create all the sections including request details and all four approval fields in one form.


              Have a hidden field to hold the role which determines which section must be visible at a given time.


              Instead of manually assign Project ID, let the liveycle process do that job for you.


              Submit the filled form to a general email account and receive it through Email Receive activity.


              Assign a Project ID using SetValue.


              Set the role for each of the four approvers and submit the form to them simultaneously using branch activity. Send four copies of form.


              Receive the approvals and merge the form data into one form.


              Hope that helps.





              If you need the abstract process, write an email to me nith.mof@gmail.com