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    Can't Find Solution for Could not find Digital Editions folder


      I have checked many posts but I cannot get my ADE to work.  I get the message "Could not find Digital Editions folder."  I am running Windows 7 Enterprise.  I have tried several solutions but the things they are talking about do not exist on my computer (D drive for instance).  Can someone please, please, please help me or either direct me to the proper answer....

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          I don't know much about your efforts from your email - such as what you did

          to install ADE and when, and whom you're talking to about your problem (ADE

          or Microsoft).  So, I'll have to wing an answer - and I hope it helps!


          When ADE installs, it sets up an Adobe Digital Editions folder, which

          contains the software and, by default, is installed on Drive C.  If you

          elected to install the software, but did not complete the installation, Win

          7 will show you an icon but won't have the software to back it up.  On your

          desktop, right-click on the ADE icon, and click on Properties at the bottom

          of the drop-down window.  A small window should appear with the location of

          the software.  If it's empty, ADE was not installed properly. It should show

          you a drive and folder.


          So, if it's there, then what's next, you say.  Something is wrong with the

          registry if Win 7 won't open ADE and it shows up in the icon properties.