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    PrPro Sequences, Dynamic Link and Transcoding

    LaciG Level 1

      I have 38 analog (8 mm and super 8 mm) family movies from between 1986 and 2005 (when I bought my first digital camcorder). I converted them to digital avi files. I edit them in PrPro CS5: I cut them up to 3 to 12 clips and add effects and titles. Until yesterday, I exported each clip as 'media' to a Windows folder from where I imported them into Encore CS5. In Encore, I created a Playlist to play all clips in sequence, and also one can pick any of the sequence from the menus. Importing them before transcoding made it possible to add "Chapter Points at Intervals" and also set the transcoding parameters. This process doubled the amount of avi files from 1 TB to 2 TB, and also, it is time consuming (both export and import).


      Today I tried another method: In PrPro, I created as many new sequences as many clips I had in the timeline, and I inserted one clip into each sequence. (Opening the clip by double clicking on it and then opening the respective sequence created before, I use the Insert button under the Source panel to insert this clip to this sequence. After that, I open Encore and via "File > Adobe Dynamic Link > Import Premiere Pro Sequence" I import all sequences with one click. (I save both the export time in PrPro and the import time in En, since these operations only link files.)


      However, I got into a problem after the second movie edited/created in this way (I am already at the 16th movie of the 38 !): when I open a sequence in PrPro and click on the Insert button under the Source window, now the effects and titles do not appear in the sequence. (I can add them there, and may will, but yesterday the appeared!)



      I have two questions:


      2. What could have caused the problem of not being able to move the the effects/titles with the clip?


      1. Is there an easier way to do this whole workflow?


      Thanks for any advice,