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    View PDF after Print Export

    Carina Marano

      Anyone have issues viewing a PDF after export for print? Me and a couple of friends have noticed that after exporting a pdf for print and setting the view option to show the pdf after export, the pdf will pop up for litterally a second and then the InDesign widow will pop up in front of it. This happens whether the default program to view the pdf is set to Acrobat or Preview (I'm on a Mac running 10.6, ID CS5). Though, if Acrobat has yet to start the pdf will open correctly and stay at the front of the screen. Also, this does not happen when exporting a pdf for interactive.

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          Stuart Haiz Level 1

          I had this happen a couple of times before and it turned out there was a buggy update for Acrobat Pro that caused it. I had to remove it then download and manually install the all the update patches to get me to my current version - 9.4.4

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            Carina Marano Level 1

            I don't actually have Acrobat 9, I have Acrobat X. I find it very odd, though, that the same issue happens no matter what program I choose to have the PDF open in, including preview. It's like InDesign is trying to assert its dominence over whatever PDF program I try to open, but again it only happens with the print pdf and not the interactive one.