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    What this line means?



      I'm a new user of After Effects, while learning I found several problems that some of you can answer.

      Here is the problem. First I've imported a wav audio and a avi video file. Then I drag it into the timeline (kind of, bottom left).

      My Questions are:

      1. What is the line circled with red means?

      2. What is RAM preview?

      3. How I can test the video (in a project) without make it as a file? When I try the Numpad 0 (RAM Preview, it only runs start and end in the green marked line that was mentioned on the 1st question.


      Thank you before.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That green line is showing the frames that are rendered in the ram preview. It looks like you've got about 25 seconds of your comp in RAM. There's no way to tell the size of the comp from your screenshot but 25 seconds at full resolution isn't bad. You need to read or watch any of the getting started guides or check out the help files. AE is a pixel based, resolution independent compositing and motion graphics program. It is not and will never be a non linear editor. If you need to see more of the timeline you can reduce the resolution of the preview or skip frames. Instructions are in the help files.

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            jonathancs Level 1

            Thank you, Rick Gerard for the answer. It really helpful. But I'm still confused about several things.


            • Where I can found the Getting Started guide?
            • What's the definition of RAM Preview? Is RAM here is Random Access Memory?
            • Then is there anything to do to make it longer from 25 secs to (may be) 5 minutes?
            • Is the green line (25 secs) caused by the Random Access Memory on my PC?
            • In conclusion, I can't preview the full project that contains images, audios, videos? So, I can only see the preview for 25 seconds?


            By the way, so sorry about my poor english..

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              > Where I can found the Getting Started guide?



              "Getting started with After Effects"