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    how do you have two of the same "Actors" without mirroring the video

    [LSP] Desert Fox

      This question is for premiere elements 8.0

      I am sorry if this has been posted before, but I want to make a short film with two actors when there really is only one.


      Like have the camera not being moved, aimed at the couch as i stand on left talk for a second sit and talk some more and another me disrupts what i am saying and one of us and one of us dies... i have seen it before on several youtube videos and i have asked them but not one have i gotten a response and this was probally over three months ago...


      So if you could help me, even send me a nice link to a video.. or take me step by step through it i will be very happy.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There are a number of ways to do this, including using Chroma Key and green screen.


          But the simplest, as I describe in my book on special effects with Premiere Elements, is to use the Garbage Matte.



          Lock your camcorder down on a tripod and shoot a scene of yourself on each end of the couch (Scene 1 and Scene 2)


          Place Scene 1 on Video 1 and Scene 2 on Video 2, directly above it on the timeline.


          Place the Garbage Matte effect on Scene 2, open Properties and set the matte's corner handles to review half of Scene 1. If you've shot them correctly, the two scenes should line up perfectly! (The book shows you how.)


          Have fun with it. It's a great effect!