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    Premiere sees device and captures in/out, but not batch capture

    Batch capture question

      Hi Folks

      I'm a long time Premiere user (primarily CS3) and just purchased 5.5 for my new MacBook Pro. When capturing from mini-dv, Premiere sees the device and lets me capture one clip at a time.


      When I log multiple clips and try to batch capture, I only get a Batch Capture Log that saya, "Capture Failed: Device not found- Batch Capture ended." Then I can go back and capture one clip at a time using either the In/Out method of the Tape method, so obviously Premiere sees my device.


      I tried this with two different camcorders and get the same result (Sony TRV-900 and Canon GL2).


      I have gone into preferences and identified these cameras as the device of choice, so I don't see the difficulty.


      Has anyone else had this problem?


      Thanks in advance.