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    Three problems with Adobe Reader X


      We have rollouted Adobe Reader X recently on a customer plattform (Windows Vista Enterprise SP2, Office 2007 SP2). There are three problems we have with Adobe Reader X (Version 10.0.1):


      Problem Number 1:  In Outlook, the preview function for pdf-Files does not work any more. But there are two funny findings:

           - If I copy the Preview Handler file (PDFPrevHndlr.dll) from Adobe Reader 9 into the installation directory (C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 10.0\Reader), the preview function works!!!

           - The preview function works also, when I install Adobe Acrobat Professional X additionally on the same client.


      Problem Number 2: Whe the users print some large pdf-documents on Post Script printers, then some letters and numbers are replaced by squares and symbols on the printout. But on the screen, everything is fine! They can only avoid the letters and squares if the use Post Script Level 2 instead of 3 or if they print the pdf-document as an Image.


      Problem Number 3: It's also a strange thing, but not that serious as the two above. Wenn you move some pdf-documents from one folder to another, the moving process takes a very long time on calculation of the duraction. If I activate the option "always show icons as thumbnails" in Windows Explorer, then it's normal again. I have to add that the problem arises only for users with folder redirection configured. If a have a user without folder redirection, than it works finde. Under Adobe Reader 9, the moving was no problem, also for a user with folder redirection.



      I am very grateful for any help! Thank you in advance.