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    It shows white border on all sides of document after publishing



      I am facing some problems with publishing of flash file. After publishing at HTMl; it shows white border at all sides of document.


      My document size is Width :- 1280 Height : 650. It is adding border on all sides border at top and bottom are greater than that of Left and Right.


      I have tried it many ways, altered my flash setting as well but no use. I am really stumped due to this.


      To my surprise at SWF file it showing perfect match and fit exactly into window (not showing any borders like HTML)


      I dont know exactly from where it is getting white borders.


      My Publish Setting Are as follows


      Flash :-




      Version : Flash Player 9


      Load Order : Bottom Up


      ActionScript Version : ActionScript 2.0


      HTML :-




      Template : Flash Only


      Dimenssion: Match Movie


      Quality :- High


      Window Mode : Window


      HTML Alignment : Default


      Scale : Exact Fit


      Alignment : horizontal :- Left, Vertical : Top


      Any help would be greatly appreciated