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    CFLAYOUT tab and submitting tab form from Parent




      I have a question regarding CFLAYOUT type=tab and submitting a form that resides within a one of the tabs. Im submitting the form with javascript from the parent, although the javascript I am using does submit the form, it does not submit it within the layoutarea and returns the user to a full screen version of the form results instead. So I would like to submit the form from the parent and only refresh the form within the tab. Here's the gist of what I am doing:





      function saveSession()


      <form id="form_obj_parent" method="post"><input type="button" name="complete" value="Complete Applicant Preprocessing" onclick="javascript:saveSession();" /></form>


      <cflayout type="tab" tabHeight="500" width="950" name="tabLayout">

      <cflayoutarea title="My Tab Title" name="tab1" source="myform.cfm" refreshOnActivate="true" />





      <cfform name="form_obj" id="form_obj" action="myform.cfm" method="post">

      bunch of inputs





      How do I get the form to submit and stay within the tabbed area (and not open in a full window)?


      All suggestions are appreciated.