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    AE Fog Preset

    OzHP Level 1


      Can anyone help me please. I want to create a composition with a swirling foggy background and some text. I set up a new solid layer and tried the foglight preset. I get an image of fog but I can't seem to animate it regardless of the controls I try. Is there something obvious I'm doing wrong or overlooking or does anyone know a tutorial I could go to?





      I tried the fog3d preset as well and didn't get anything at all then...



      PPS I'm using AE CS5. O.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Animate what? The effect is pre-animated using the Fractal Noise's Evolution parameter which you can see when you scrub the timeline. If you wnat something else, we'd need much more details on what you actualyl have in minds. I'm sorry to say so, just saying that something doesn't work or you are stuck isn't really giving anyone a good starting point to provide assistance... And if you don't mind: Please study the help and resources linked from here. No offense, but asking for a tutorial for something that simple to me feels kinda *ummmpfff* and makes me wanna bite in the table...



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            OzHP Level 1

            Just because your a community professional making an amature feel a nerd don't help either! Seriously, apologies but I'm up to my neck in trying to finish a project and everything has crashed, broken or dropped off today so I wasn't thinking too straight when I posted.


            I thought the preset was supposed to animate but it wasn't moving at all. I've now created a new project and it does play so something was affecting it the first time (par for the course today!) The new problem is my comp is 16secs but the preset plays for only 5secs. Is there anyway I can alter a presets in/ out duration?

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              > Is there anyway I can alter a presets in/ out duration?



              Move the keyframes in time.


              Regarding your original general question about fog: There are some resources about creating and compositing fog here:

              "Compositing fog, smoke, and clouds"


              By the way, Mylenium is right. You'll greatly decrease frustration if you begin at the beginning and go through those basic materials that he pointed you to (which I created, by the way). After Effects is not a program that you can just jump into in the middle and start using. We see people fail at that many, many times each day. That's why I created that getting-started page that Mylenium pointed you to.

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                OzHP Level 1

                Many thanks for the link Todd. I managed to sort it out and I'm wearing sack cloth and ashes for my poor original mail (it was just one of thoser days of PC problems, mental blocks and just about everything that could go wrong, went wrong (althogh the client liked the result...)