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    24F capture problem with CS5


      I own a Canon HDV40 camera and I recorded video set at 24F. I chose the 1080/24p preset for my sequence. I now have several .mpeg clips. Each clip is a 60 minute tape.


      When I try to move the clips to the timeline CS5 stops responding. Is there an issue with the 24F format and CS5? I do not see a preset specifically for 24F. I also do see any other discussions about 24F and CS5.


      Please help I have 18 tapes shot in 24F and i am wondering if i screwed up choosing that format?



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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you load all the 18 x 1 hours clips in one project?

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            j4321 Level 1

            No, since this was a 3 camera shoot for starters I just captured 3-4 tapes to see how the workflow is going to work. I want to use the multicam feature to edit. I tried creating a new project and imorting the clips but CS5 "stops respoding". I import the, lets say clip1. Move it to the timeline, scrub up and down the timeline no apparent problem.


            Then I import clip2, CS5 stops responding. I have used CS5 to capture and edit standard video with no problems. But this 24F footage is creating starnge anomalies. The computer was just built breand-new 4gb ram with a AMD phenom X2 processor TB's of storage.


            I think it is related to the 24F format. I'm going to capture something in standard HDV to see what happens when I add it to the timeline.


            Any sugesstions?

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              tclark513 Level 3

              It's not a problem with HV40 24p.  I use it all the time.  Are you sure you are using the right preset?

              That camera shoots both native 24p and also 24p in a 60i wrapper.

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                j4321 Level 1

                tclark513 there are only 4 HDV setting in the camera: HDV, PF30, PF24 and 24F. you stated you use the HV40 24p..so which of the 4 formats I listed do you use?


                I used the 24F format 'native".

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                  tclark513 Level 3

                  I use native.  Pull a clip to the new item icon in the bottom of the project panel and let Premiere make the sequence for you.