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    (CS5.5 ePubs) Problem with bullet/unordered list

    Iain Robinson

      Hi all

      I have an ID doc with one bullet list and one numbered list, in that order. In the para styles for both lists I have specified in Export Tagging "li" for the tag (thanks Bob & Cari) and class names to match the respective styles in my CSS file. In the ePub file both come out as lists okay but after the bulleted list, which is indented by default, the rest of the text carries on the indent. The numbered list later in the story is indented but the indent ends after the end of the list.

      Looking at the code it seems that ID doesn't add the closing <ul> tag after the unordered list. The </ul> tag is right at the end of the page, just before the </body> tag! Not only that but the para that follows the list has code to start a new list, as you can see below (my notes in bold);

      <p>blah blah blah... in terms of:</p>


      <li class="bulleted-list"> the absolute minimum that a lawyer should know and do with social media to generate new or support existing relationships (develop knowledge)</li>

      <li class="bulleted-list">what the average lawyer should do and know (develop presence)</li>

      </ul> tag should be here methinks

      <li style="list-style: none; display: inline"> this should not be here at all

      <p class="main-text-no-para-indent">Another set of guidelines addressed ...blah blah blah....</p>


      Any thoughts anyone?