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    Same image, loaded multiple times: speeding up load time?

      I wrote this message before thinking about embedding the image... I was thinking that putting a relative path automatically embedded the image, but in retrospect I was wrong, and that will probably solve my problem. I'll just leave the question here anyway though:


      I'm using image components in my application loaded from a relative path. The problem is, I have many copies (30+) of the same image, essentially 30+ identical image components which need to be loaded/unloaded at different intervals, and they are not loading fast enough for me. Would it be more effective to duplicate an existing "master" Image to improve load time instead of explicitly setting "image.source=" each time? Is there any better solution for improving image load speed?

      Best of all would be some way to pre-cache or buffer images, so that I can be guaranteed that they will load as quickly as possible when I bind them to an Image component.