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    Sequence number generator for any number of PDF forms

    Marcos J Pinto Level 1



      With the help of this forum I have now a simple process in Workbench that acts as a Webservice to generate a sequential number.


      When invoked by a PDF form it reads a value from a database, increments the value and then reads the db again to send the incremented value back to the form.


      It's working great, but now I need something else: I have around 60 forms and each will have its own sequence.


      The way I see it all I have to do is:


      - include a new column in the db table to store the forms IDs  (I have done this already).

      - change the SQL statements to include the form ref number as a parameter for a WHERE clause (I have done this already).




      - send the form ref number from the PDF when invoking the web service. => I still haven't figured out how to do it.

      - receive this ref number in workbench to use as a parameter in the WHERE clause.


      Please could someone help me here?   Or point to some online example I could use as a guide?


      Will I receive the info from the PDF as an XML file and extract the info from its structure?


      Thank you very much for any hints.