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    Need help with editing flash


      Hello everyone, I'm really new to flash and I have some problems with editing my flash file. Currently, I have a small flash application  in a folder, containing various kinds of files such as AS, SWF, FLA, HTML. What I want to do is to change the text inside one of the buttons in the application. After doing some reasearching, I realized that I should probably make some changes to the FLA file(Quiz.fla for example) since Quiz.fla is the only FLA file in the folder. Therefore, I opened it using Adobe Flash CS5.5, what what I found out is that the Quiz.fla file  is really different from other FLA files. It only shows a plain background when I open it, without showing the actual interface of the flash application. It does contain all the buttons and contants under the Library section on the right side of Adobe Flash . When I try to change the text inside the button then save-publish, the newly published SWF file  would just be a static picture of the button I've changed and everything else is gone. Any help is greatly appreciated!