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    InDesign colors not matching Photoshop


      I'm hoping someone can help. I am  on Adobe CS5, my colors are all synced to North America General Purpose 2  through Bridge but the color in my Indesign files never match my  Photoshop files. (Consequently, then the PDFs made from the files match  InDesign as well). The profiles match in both Photoshop and InDesign.  Any ideas how I can fix it so my colors in InDesign/Acrobat match?


      Also,  I have CS3 on another computer and the files colors match from  Photoshop to InDesign on my computer with CS3. I took screen shots of my  CS3 seettings and made my CS5 color settings all match, but the colors  still do not match up.  I also tried resetting my preferences for  InDesign, Photoshop and Bridge but it still doesn't match!


      Anyone have any ideas???