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    Showing Images in ToggleButtonBar control

    savyasachi Level 1
      I have a ViewStack and I am using ToggleButtonBar to navigate between the views in the view stack. I would like to use Graphics to represent the buttons instead of using the buttons. How can I do this? I found a way with HBox instead of the ToggleButtonBar control. Below is the code :

      <mx:HBox borderStyle="solid" width="778" paddingTop="0" x="21" y="131" horizontalAlign="center" horizontalGap="1">
      <mx:Image source="assets/MenuGraphics_3.png" click="storeViews.selectedChild=vwOne;"/>
      <mx:Image source="assets/MenuGraphics_5.png" click="storeViews.selectedChild=vwTwo;" />
      <mx:Image source="assets/MenuGraphics_7.png" click="storeViews.selectedChild=vwThree;" />
      <mx:Image source="assets/MenuGraphics_9.png" click="storeViews.selectedChild=vwFour;" />

      I would like to use the ToggleButtonBar control to process the ViewStack. Appreciate the help. Thanks.
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          If the above example works, why do you want to use the ToggleButtonBar control?

          Either way, it sounds like you want to overlay images on a ToggleButtonBar.

          This is complicated, since the graphical skin for a ToggleButtonBar is merely 3 buttons that get mutated to stretch over the required number by slice-9 scaling. There are two ways round it, one would be to work on a programmatic ToggleButtonBar skin that draws graphical children over the bar (sounds like the easiest).

          Alternatively, I believe Flexlib has a nifty component called a CanvasButton or something, which allows the drawing of graphical children over an existing button. You could attempt to subclass the ToggleButtonBar with a similarly inspired component.