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    Compilation errors are being cached??




      I am having a hard time getting rid of some cached compilation errors, that don't really exist. I am doing clean builds of the project and there are no errors, till the build reaches 100%. After 100% it throws 23 errors all of a sudden. The errors are actually non existing. Examples are:


      Invalid Embed directive in stylesheet - can't resolve source 'Embed("../assets/images/addBtn.png")'.


      1119: Access of possibly undefined property includeInLayout through a reference with static type com.xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.view.component:MyProgressBar.


      Both the errors are vague as the button image is present in the given location and also the MyProgressBar component is having the includeInLayout property. I can see it through content assist.


      I have been getting these errors earlier as well but they used to get resolved if I do a Clean Build. This time they are not going at all.


      After some directions, I also tried deleting .markers file, but it didn't help.


      Please help me out!!




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          EvyatarBH Level 3

          Check the syntax of the Embed request and verify you can use a static reference to that property.


          Note the difference between -




          and -


          var progressBar:MyProgressBar = new MyProgressBar();



          It also might be an import issue, meaning you are trying to use MyProgressBar without the line -

          import com.xxx.xxx.xxx.MyProgressBar;


          I don't think compilation errors are being cached and they normally have a good reason for them.

          I strongly suggest to identify the root cause of the errors and fix the problematic issues.

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            Phoenix_Guru Level 1

            I am able to access the file with the same path manually. The property error is vague, its just a control in the same file, also I can access it at all other places the same way and this code has been live for more than 2 years.


            Its just MXML component that would have it for sure. I can see it in content assist too.


            As I said, there is actually no error and this usually comes sometimes and goes away if I do a clean build. Its just this time it isn't going away..




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              Phoenix_Guru Level 1

              The issue got resolved by itself. I added some dummy type casting code in one of the files where error was appearing. After a build, the error got resolved and then I reverted the code and did a build again! Voila!!


              Thanks for help!!