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    lots of screen shots


      I am new to scripting and I am wondering if I can "automate" or "partially automate" the process of adding anchored figures with captions. I am working on a techinical document that uses lots of screen shots. For example my workflow is:


      1. Copy and paste a graphic frame where I want the figure
      2. Use place command to insert graphic
      3. Choose "Fit frame to graphic"
      4. Select graphic and it's frame
      5. Scale both 25%
      6. Format the object style as "figure" (previously set up style)
      7. Copy and paste text frame
      8. Drag the text frame to desired location under the graphic frame
      9. Format the paragraph style of the text frame as "figure_caption" (previously set up style
      10. Type figue capiton into the text frame


      These steps are rather time consuming (I litterly have hundereds screen shots to insert in this manner).


      I would appreciate any suggestions as to which of these steps might lend themselves of being automated.


      Thanks in advance

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          It looks like there's plenty of room for some simple automation to make this a lot easier, yes.


          What would be your ideal workflow? Somehow you need to tell InDesign which file and what the caption are, there's no getting around that. But how would you like it to work? Do you have a database or spreadsheet already? Are you just typing them on-the-fly? What would work well.


          Also, have you considered cutting and pasting an existing frame/figure/caption with all the right formatting/sizing and then using it as a template?


          [ Do snippets and library items work inside text frames? I guess not?]

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            kwythers Level 1

            Thanks for the reply  John. I like the idea of using an previously constructed graphic frame and legend frame. Because is no way around manually placing the graphic (it is simply a 'navigate to the appropriate directory' and choose the appropriate screen shot, kind of thing). Perhaps the most efficient approach would be to simply paste the combined (and style formatted) frames, then use place to add the graphic file. From there, perhaps the re-sizing step could be delt with in a script by scripting the "fit frame to content" command, and the scale command...


            Does this sound reasonalbe?