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    Project Managed by Multiple Users

      OK here's the scenario:

      I run RoboHelp X5 on my PC and publish to a web server running RoboEngine 4. I need to give another user access to this project but Im not sure exactly how to go about it. This user is at a different site (connected by WAN).

      Obviously I would need to purchase another licence. But would the new licence be for X5 or version 6?
      If the project is stored on my PC, would it be best to move it to a server or replicate the project between the 2 PCs?

      Anything else I would need to take into consideration?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          You cannot buy X5 now so it will have to be RH6 and you will both need the same if you are working on the same project.

          Don't even think about working on a project strored on a network drive unless the project is under version control. You must work on topics on your local drive. With version control, the required topics are checked in and out from the network so that you work on them locally.

          The same applies to the remote worker accessing your hard drive. It will effectively be the same as a network drive and you will have problems.

          If you will both always work on the same discrete areas, you could split the project and create merged webhelp but that would need a lot of links to be changed if you have links between topics.