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    Dynamic Link from Premiere to AE Question (How to get smooth AE modified footage in Premiere?)

    ElcioS Level 1

      I'm a FCP user, making the switch to Premiere, and trying to learn the basics AE at the same time, mainly now just for the warp stabilizer.  I see the great potential in the Adobe Suite of products, but the transition has been painful.


      In short, right now, I'm trying to figure out a workflow, to setup a  series of shots in a Premiere sequence, stabilize some of them them in  AE as needed, then return and continue editing normally in Premiere,  looking at and editing the stabilized footage smoothly.  Shakey shot? no  problem, fix it in AE, come back to Premiere, and continue editing the  revised footage, as though it were smooth all along.  How do I make this  happen?



      I can create a dynamic link between Premiere and AE for a specific video file.  I go into AE, and Stabilize the footage (my god it takes forever to analyze it, the tutorial videos skip this pain, and I never noticed they were skipping it until I tried it myself).  I can RAM preview the stabilized footage... good...


      Now, All the tutorials I've watched (and I've watched a lot, trying to figure this out) thedynamic linking show an updated element in AE, being updated immediately in Premiere... great.  But what they don't show you, is how you can preview that updated footage at normal speed?  They just scrub through it to look at a few frames, but there is a red bar over the AE dymanically linked footage meaning it can't be played in real time.


      If I've made a RAM preview in AE, it's rendered the footage... how do I not waste that time spent rendering the RAM preview, and allow it to be written to disk, so the footage in Premiere can be played smoothly?  I see a "write RAM preview to disc" command, but that creates a new AVI file.  What was the point of the dynamic link, if I have to import a whole separate file into premiere to replace the old one?


      All the tutorials focus only on AE, or Premiere, and don't address how to smoothly perform a task in AE, and then keep working with the revised footage seamlessly in Premiere... even in the tutorial videos, the AE footage has a red bar over it... so confused... so close and yet so far....




      -Jason W