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    Help with form

    Smitty01282 Level 1

      Currently I have a 30+ page website i created in CS4 Dreamweaver.  I really like it but we are tired of using the Aweber forms for a RFQ.


      I see where i can create the form in forms insert in DW but having difficulty finding how to assign a MAILTO when they complete it and want them to be able to attach a drawing or spec to their quote.


      We use Godaddy as host server so i think its PHP (windows)  and want the form to go to a general RFQ email address everytime.


      Any help would be appreciated.  I can give our site url to look around or would would be willing to compensate someone to take on this task.


      To me - this is a weeks worth of work and another week headache.  to most pros.  its probably less then an hour.


      Let me know how to proceed or what is best.  is there a product available with template i can use and modify?