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    scratch disk concept


      Hello, I'm new to Adobe products and experiencing the learning curve. I am using Adobe CS5 Production Premium. My computer is a new build with win 7 64 bit, 24 GB ram intel 6core i7 970, nVidia Quadro 4000, 120GB SSD (system disk), 1TB Sata (Storage disk), and a 500BG (scratch disk). This system was suggested to me as an excellent configuration for CS5 Production Premium.


      I'm not sure I understand the whole idea of the scratch disk and how I should use it. I am using the storage disk to hold all of my captured video, and any assets for my projects. Currently I am saving the project in whatever the default location was that Premier had for project files.


      From what I have read so far it seems that I should set up the scratch disk location for each project in the project menu on the toolbar. I'm guessing that Premier will then store all of the project files (that are now on my O/S drive under the program) on the scratch drive. Is that correct?


      Does Premier automatically delete those files when I finish the project, or do I do that?


      Can I save those files along with all the asset files to a backup disk for future use if I would need to edit the project and produce another version without having to start from the beginning?


      Thanks in advance for your help!