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    RoboHelp 8 crashes on project close after modifying htt files outside RoboHelp


      Recently I have made some changes to the .htt (master page/template) files that are used with our RoboHelp projects. It was easier to make those changes outside of RoboHelp, so I made them in a simple text editor program, making sure that RoboHelp was not open at the time. I did this for multiple projects.


      Since then, RoboHelp hangs up every time you close any of these help projects or if you attempt to close RoboHelp itself with the projects open.


      Things to know:

      -I am using 8.0.2, so it has the latest updates.

      -I am using Windows 7, 32-bit.

      -I can find no code errors in the htt files themselves. (I had RoboHelp problems in one project a long time ago when I accidentally omitted a "?" in the RoboHelp header tag. Nothing like that is going on here.)

      -I have tried renaming the CPD so that RoboHelp creates a new one. This does not solve the problem.

      -I have tried opening the master page file in RoboHelp and then closing it. RoboHelp opens the file with no problems and does not seem to make any changes.


      I have searched the forums and have found many references to RoboHelp crashes in Windows 7, but none seem to have the same cause as mine.


      Has anyone else had this problem?