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    Flex 4 scaleGrid properties are not working for me.


      Hello All,

          I'm new to Flex 4. I have used Flex 3. But in flex 4 i'm facing one problem which i'm unable to solve. I have added a backgroundImage for a BorderContainer. Image is getting added but it is not at all scaling. I felt as the properties scaleGridTop, scaleGridBottom, scaleGridRight and scaleGridLeft are not working which was working in flex 3.


      Here is my code



                             width="100%" height="100%"
                             scaleGridLeft='150', scaleGridRight='650',
                             scaleGridTop='25', scaleGridBottom='26')"/>


      The image to be added is here.Top_Bottom_Bar_Sub.png


      This image is getting added but it is totally stretched. Not scaling according to the positions i've set.


      Please can anybody help me in resolving this issue...?