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    RTMFP groups and NetStream


      Hi all,


      I'm in the design phase for a game system. Initially, users will arrive in a "main room" which has a list of available games and a chat window. If a user creates a game, he will go into a unique "game room" and wait for others to join. And, of course, when a user joins a game created by someone else, he will leave the main room and go into that particular game room. Pretty typical design.


      For the main room, I'm thinking about handling chat/game data using RTMFP groups with posting. However, for the game room, I think I want to use NetStream with DIRECT_CONNECTIONS for guaranteed delivery (and because it's much faster than object replication).


      Here are my questions:


      1. Is it possible to simultaneously post() to a NetGroup (i.e. the main room) and have direct NetStream connections to other players (i.e. the game room)?
      2. If so, how will I set this up in each Flash Player instance? I'm thinking: Create a NetConnection to Cirrus > Join a specific NetGroup (for the main room) > When you go to a game room, open NetStream direct connections to all other players in that room.