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    Disjointed Rollovers

    kmldawg Level 1

      I'm new to fireworks but absolutely love it... converted from Photoshop. I want to try and add a disjointed behavior to a few of my slices.  I don't know how to apply this behavior to different slices using the same target slice. However, I want different things to appear in the target slice based on the image you are rolling over. Does that make since?


      This may be a better explanation... I have a navigation bar that I have created. I have sliced each icon and have another slice above the whole set of icons. This slice above the icons is just one slice but will "house" the text that describes each icon when the appropriate icon is rolled over. So the target slice will change based on the image that was rolled over.


      Also, the target image will have a list of links that the user will need to select. So somehow it needs to remain visible until maybe a rollover of a different icon...?


      So I know disjointed rollovers are what I need... can someone help me do what I think is possible..? :).


      Thank so much!

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Here's how to do the disjoint rollovers. http://tinyurl.com/6by989z. Note that you cannnnot do rollovers that target a text slice in Fireworks. It  will have to be done with image text. You could create the effect you want in either Dreamweaver or Flash.

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            kmldawg Level 1

            Thank you for your direction.


            I think I will probably go with the Dreamweaver method, because Flash is not my friend just yet. But first let me make sure I'm understanding... If I want to have a list of words to act as sub-navigation for a particular icon, I should create the image in fireworks, save it as a slice, and then build the disjointed behavior (with the text) in Dreamweaver?


            Can you explain further the steps in Dreamweaver. I know how to do a disjointed rollover, but not sure how I add text to the target image.


            I really appreciate your help. Thank you.

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              Linda Nicholls Level 4

              As a general rule, create images in Fireworks but do your coding in Dreamweaver. Here's a link to a video on making disjoint rollovers in Dreamweaver.


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                kmldawg Level 1

                Thank you for the help. I think I may be confused by the addition/need for linked text in the target image.


                I know I should code things in Dreamweaver, but I do not know how to add the text to each target image. You see, I have a navigation bar with simple icons. Above this bar, I have one slice that is to contain sub-navigation links.


                For example, I have a slideshow icon. When the user rolls over this icon, I want the slice above to display with listed text that is linked to the appropriate slideshow page.


                Is there a way to do this? I know I have seen it is some sites, can't find them now though.


                Any advice?