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    Number of copies keeps changing


      New Windows 7 pc, and just upgrade to CS5, learning inDesign after using Illustrator for years. When I go to print in inDesign, i set the number of copies to say 5, then i have to go to setup to access the print drivers for additional features like paper choices, and that it's a publication and so fourth, and then I hit print for the print drivers window and it comes back to the InDesign print window, and the number of copies has changed back to 1......so after going through all those preferences i have to continually reset the number of copies and that doesn't seem right.....never had this type of issue before with the same printer. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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          talaya white Level 1

          Every time you reset your drivers/update your print preferences, it makes sense that all the application-specific print settings would reset. Every time it updates the preference file, it re-saves over it and the base preference file wouldn't carry any data on how many copies to print in each app.
          I'm not a Windows person, so bear with me. Do you HAVE to setup the print drivers Every time you want to print something? On Mac, you set them up once and you don't have to reopen them to get extra options from the CS applications because the application itself opens the driver. I assumed it would be the same on PC, since it would be a pain to have to reinstall the printer every time you wanted to print something.

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            I'm having the same issue with all my PC's in deployment (over 5) running InDesign 5.5. Does anyone know if this goes back to the old (Windows XP) way in CS6? I'm assuming not since this has more to do with the OS (Windows 7).

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              FWIW, I never print from InDesign. Printing is not really its strong suit.


              Best to export a PDF and print that.