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    Weird printing from CS5

    GeofferyH Level 1

      I've an 8.5 x 11 Landscape document, (two pages). On the first page is nine boxes (for nine position Tabs), going across the top of the 11 inches,

      On the second page are two boxes, (of nine), for a total of eleven tabs, (9+2), it's printed along the top 11 inches as well.


      When I print the document (Océ color copier) the first page comes out with the tabs printed along the landscape orientation as it should, but the second prints the page in Portrait — Is it a printer thing?


      I exported to PDF and the PDF looks and prints the two pages correct, If I print just page two from ID it prints correct, It's only when I print all the pages does it print whacked. I've just moved to CS5, never had this in CS4.


      Is there something I'm missing?

      Picture 1.jpg

      Picture 2.jpg

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          dylw Level 1

          Not knowing much about your printer, but is it possible there is a setting in the extended Printer options within the Print Dialog of InDesign that maybe sending the second page to a different tray on your printer. There could be a setting in there that also sets orientation to automatic that you may need to manually override. But without having the same setup this could be hard for anyone to troubleshoot.

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            John Hawkinson Level 5

            Operating system? Are you running ID CS5 7.0.4?


            Try exporting to Press quality PDF and then printing that PDF from a variety of applications including Acrobat Pro and Reader.


            Does this happen for any two-page file?