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    Audio Jump on Import


      I have just recieved a Sony HVR-MRC1K for use with my Sony Z5 in the hope I could do away with endless capturing hours.

      I have a problem in the fact that when I import footage (DV in this case) from the unit using either the RU Util or from CF via Hard Drive to Premiere Pro CS5, I get a jump in audio on every single clip about 1 second in. It's a skip but the video is perfect.

      If I play the files back on Media player, it plays with no skip at all.


      I have been through this forum and although i have come accross sync issues etc, no one seems to have this problem and since the files play ok in media player I feel the fault is in PP.


      I have cleaned the cache and tried varying sequence settings but to no avail,


      I have version 5.0.3 running on I7 with 6GB Ram (Win 7 with all latest updates), having read all the manals and forums i have to say this has stumped me. A very annoying problem indeed.

      Any suggestions as to the cause and if possible a fix?


      I have tried also tried HDV and interestingly it seems miss the last few frames of Audio.


      Thanks in advance.