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    Modify XML attribute

    Zolotoj Level 3

      I am trying to use the following to change attribute's value:


      trace(XML(tree.dataProvider)..menu.(@menuid == 12).@description2);

      XML(tree.dataProvider)..menu.(@menuid ==12).@description2 = htmlText;
      trace(XML(tree.dataProvider)..menu.(@menuid == 12).@description2);


      Both traces are the same, empty in my case. Any idea?



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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          There might be issues with trying to set a value on more than one item.

          Each query is an XMLList and could have more than one item in it.


          Try something like:

              XML(tree.dataProvider)..menu.(@menuid ==12)[0].@description2 = htmlText;

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            Zolotoj Level 3

            Does not look like it's helping.

            NewNode = XML(tree.dataProvider)..menu.(@menuid == 12)[0];

            NewNode looks like this:

            <menu name="General  Regulations" menuid="12" description2="">
              <menu name="Rule Gr-1" menuid="13" description2=""/>
              <menu name="Rule Gr-2" menuid="14" parentid="12" description2=""/>
              <menu name="Rule Gr-3" menuid="15" parentid="12" description2=""/>
              <menu name="Rule Gr-4" menuid="20" parentid="12" description2=""/>



            XML(tree.dataProvider)..menu.(@menuid == 12)[0].@description2 = htmlText;

            has no effect.

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              Flex harUI Adobe Employee

              I assume htmlText is a simple string?  I'm not sure you can put angle

              brackets in an attribute without escaping it.


              Post a 20-line test case if you want us to take a closer look.

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                Zolotoj Level 3

                I was able to narrow down my code:


                NewNode = XMLList(tree.dataProvider)..menu.(@menuid == 12);

                NewNode.@description2 = htmlText;

                trace(NewNode.@description2); // shows data


                XMLList(tree.dataProvider)..menu.(@menuid == 12).@description2 = htmlText;
                trace(XMLList(tree.dataProvider)..menu.(@menuid == 12).@description2); // still empty.


                What am I doing wrong here?

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                  Flex harUI Adobe Employee

                  In the first case, you are storing the XMLList of the query and working with

                  the elements in that XMLList.  In the second, you are running a second

                  query.  Seems like it should work anyway, but there must be some subtle

                  reason why it doesn't.