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    How to get PieSeriesItem labelText for fill color


      I've a PieChart, data comes from XML, I'd like to fill the pies with a specific color based on the labelField data of PieSeriesItem. For example if data's labelfield is A, fill color must be 0xFFFFFF... I know I need to use fillFunction but I wasn't able to get labelField property of PieSeriesItem. Here is a sample code;


                      var curItem:PieSeriesItem = PieSeriesItem(item);
                      return new SolidColor(0x0000FF * pct, 1.0);
                      if (curItem.labelField == "A") {
                          return new SolidColor(0xfecd1d, 1.0); 
                      else if (curItem.labelField == "B") {
                          return new SolidColor(0xfe2f31, 1.0); 
                      else if (curItem.labelField == "C") {
                          return new SolidColor(0x127ee1, 1.0); 
                      else {
                          return new SolidColor(0xc2c2c2, 1.0);                     



          <mx:PieChart horizontalCenter="0" width="625" height="625" showDataTips="true" 
      id="myChart" y="250" fontFamily="Verdana" fontSize="20">
                  <mx:PieSeries id="labelseries" labelField="label" labelPosition="outside" 
      width="100%" height="100%" field="totalnumber" 
                                nameField="labelseries" fillFunction="pieSeries_fillFunc">


      Any idea?


      Thanks in advance