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    Automatic Scale of footage to sequence frame size not working?

    ElcioS Level 1

      I have 1080p footage, I'm loading into a 720p sequence.


      I would like the video to drop into the sequence, automatically scaled down to fit.  Right now, it comes in at 100% scale, so it appears very "zoomed" and must be scaled down for each clip I drop into the sequence.


      After some searching, there is a preference under "general" that reads: "default scale to frame size".  As I understand it, this is supposed to automatcally scale incoming footage to a sequence to fit the frame.


      For me, this is not working.  With that option checked,  I created a 720p resolution sequence, placed the 1080p video clip on it, and the video clip still loads at 100%. Tried restarting premiere as well thinking maybe the application has to reload for it to take effect... no go.


      Does anyone have any ideas?


      Premiere seems to be so tolerant of different resolutions and file types, there is bound to be a way to have footage come in sized correctly for the sequence it's being used in...





      -Jason W