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    PE9- Creating Clips from Master File


      Ok I'm stumped. At my previous employer I did some basic video editing using Premiere Pro Cs3 and got pretty good with the software. I recently changed employers and am slowly bringing them around to doing more video, but could only wrangle a Premiere Elements 9 investment out of them so far.


      I had a crew go out and shoot several interviews and digitize the footage as .avi. It imports no problem, but I've got about 15 minutes of raw footage I need to edit down. I remember in Cs3 I could easily create shorter clips out of this footage and add them to assets bin, so that I could move them around later.


      I can't quite figure out how to do this in Elements 9 yet. I can put the whole 15 minute clip on my timeline, and then use the scissors to splice up the clip, but I can't figure out how to create new clips? I'd like to chop up the interview in to each sound bite, so I can rearrange the footage to improve the flow.I started deleting everything else out of the timeline I didn't want and resaving individual clips as new .avi files, figuring I can re-import them in to the project, but this way could take forever.


      I'm sure (or at least I'm hoping) there has to be an easier way to do this. Any advice?


      Thanks much.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can manually create shorter scenes by double-clicking on each clip in the Project panel so that they open in the Trimmer, setting In and Out points to trim the clip and then dragging the trimmed clip back to the Project panel to create a new, trimmed clip.

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            WoodTheMan Level 1

            Thanks Steve- it was so easy once you explained it, but not at all how I would have thought how to do it. I kept right clicking and thinking there would be some option. Or I kept dragging the entire window looking for some place to land it. You need to click on the video within the preview window, and then drag it down to your timeline.


            I do wish I could drag it over to where all the source clips are, essentially creating new souce clips out of the original. Maybe there's a way to do this I'm not getting. When I drag a clip from the preview window over there (under the "organize" tab) it won't let me drop it there, but I can drop it in the timeline.


            Thanks again Steve for the quick response and advice.