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    control bar for .swf?


      Somebody answered that a way to get a control bar to a .swf file was to use the "button handlers and the goto and stop methods".  No reference as to what is meant by this or to where I can get the .html to do this.  I'm a newbie to putting video on my web page.  I've got the .swf file but no control bar!  I understand that .swf can be visible by most browsers.  So how do I get the scripting for addin these button handlers and the goto and stop method".  I simply don't know how to do this?  Since I'm a newbie, please don't say, this is easy, just use this or that method.  I need the scripting that will do it.  I know how to put the .swf in the page with <object> and <embed src=""> but no control bar.