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    AutoComplete data bind issues


      I have an AutoComplete component in a viewstack which binds to correct value from a dataProvider and displays the selected value. Everything works beautifully until I select a different option and the databind stops working. The newly selected value is to be saved and associated with the AutoComplete as the default only after I click a button. When I "select" a different option and switch the view without clicking the save button and come back to the viewstack, the AutoComplete is supposed to display the initial value, instead it retains the value of the option selected last time. But if I clear the AutoComplete textInput, switch the view and come back it displays the correct value. Anyone come across similar problems? Any ideas?

      I tried to use the dataChange event to rebind but found that the dataChange event is never fired. Next thing I was thinking of doing was to have the application recreate the AutoComplete everytime the view is changed. Any ideas?