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    i would like true stereoscopic 3D particles and effects




      I work in the stereoscopic 3D world developing content material etc.  I'm finding more success with the LAME motion program in comparison to the ACTUAL stereoscopic 3d camera in After Effects CS5.5


      When i create particles specifically or even 3D text or 3D objects... They are simulated 3D on a 2D plane.  So when i use the new 3D stereoscopic camera in CS5.5 it is not able to actually capture a true 3D stereoscopic image... just a flat 2D rendering of something 3D. ----this is super lame.


      I hope I'm doing something wrong and there is a way to actually operate in a true 3D environment (like Motion), because this is what was getting me so excited about the new CS5.5.


      In Motion I am able to create a stereo pair of camera's (in a real 3D environment) and do a manual alignment/convergence etc... But I get true 3D objects from a lot of the library effects and particle generators.


      So far with After Effects I have had no success.  Can you guide me? Or promise me some 3D particle generators in the future?  Maybe some true 3D morphing effects.


      The most annoying thing is that you can turn something on as a 3D layer... but its misleading because it is really just a 2D layer that can be moved around in Z space... blehhhhhhhh


      Thanks -nate

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          Amir Stone Adobe Employee

          Hi Nate,


          Thanks for posting. I'm the engineer responsible for the Stereo rig. And yes, these definitely are limitations with After Effects in general. Unfortunately 3D plugins are not truly 3D and do not go through collapsed transformed comps thus giving you the results you are seeing. It is a pretty monumental effort to get the plugin API 3D aware, and we are looking at it for upcoming versions with any luck. But for now, there is no elegant way to do what you are asking for.


          However, here is a very clunky workaround that might help you get around this issue. Its painful, but it should get you where you need to go.


          The Left and Right preview cameras in your main comp still work correctly, so if your particle effects are in that comp you should be able to activate each camera and get the correct viewpoint on your 3D effect if you set it to use the comp camera. You can in this way, enable each camera manually in your main comp (and the settings from your Stereo 3D comp will be reflected in those cameras). Animate your master camera as you would, and finish all your particle and 3D effects, render out each cameras view and then you can put those left and right rendered footages into your stereo scene and hook up the 3D glasses to them, instead of the precomps.


          It won't get you the live update, but at least you can work around your particles not showing in stereo.


          Let me know how it works,


          After Effects Engineering

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            NATEPLUSEIGHT Level 1

            Hey Amir,


            Thanks... Ya i discovered the preview approach the other day (i was super confused on why the previews are different then the precomp right and left) and have been doing that as a work around... I was just wondering why they are different then the precomps for the stereo rig?


            I havn't tried the previews for particles... so I'll give those a try.


            Thanks for ur help.  It is definitly difficult and processor heavy to have real 3D environments.  But motion does have some interesting work arounds might be able to steal some ideas from that program... maybe not.


            I'm sure I don't need to tell you guys the amount of work going to 3D is huge and only going to get bigger with the lowering cost in 3D tv's and the 3D channels that are in the works and already in place.  I work for one of the main 3D R&D companies in LA with over 30+ years stereoscopic 3D development history. If you guys need any advice or help or even just requests for functionality let me know. We have them all... we consulted with NVIDIA for all of their 3D cards to get them where they are today.


            Please keep me posted on any new developments... tons of work here waiting for a solid easy motion gfx program to back them.


            I'm tired of doing everything in Maya and C4D!!!


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              Digital Dave Nashville



                I too am trying to find a way of rendering 3D particles for stereo 3D. So far the closest answer is Trapcode Form. But as you may know, this is not a particle system in the traditional sense. You can do some nice plasma, but alas, no bubbles. Rendering the particles and compositing them individually into the left and right camera comps doesn't do any better than simply putting the particles on a 3D layer in the original comp. The eye is fooled slightly by the "3D" of the particles on this layer but not enough to fill the volume of the scene. I've been experimenting with multiple layers throughout the space.

              I love the stereo camera rig as it sure beats doing things by hand. And it is goign to come in real handy for rendering theater and dvd versions. I'd love your feedback on the new 3D film I'm creating called Mandala Meditations when I have some finished pieces to look at.