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    CS5.5 InDesign & utilizing older, and new jpgs


      I just upgraded from ancient versions of Adobe software & an old MAC, to CS5.5 and an iMAC7.

      I moved a lot of older Illustrator-built pages and older Photoshop-ed images, psd originals, + images saved for web and web pages as jpgs,

      all to the iMAC7.

      I just started using InDesign a few days ago.

      My question:  why does CS5.5 InDesign balk at opening, or allowing my older jpg images as I try to add them to my InDesign pages?

      Within CS5.5, it looks like jpgs have come a long way in the past ten years, based on the menue options I see in CS5.5, i.e.,

      lots of choices, several new ways to save & use jpgs, etc.

      When I try adding images to InDesign pages I get a message saying that "InDesign may not support the file format I'm trying to import, (one of my older jpgs),

      or that a plug-in may be missing, or the file may be open in another application".

      Seems odd that a new Adobe product like this can't utilize a jpg of any kind, though I appreciate that my previous Adobe software was about 12 years old,

      and there have been a lot of additions and improvements from Adobe.  Just trying to understand the brand new InDesign-jpg relationship.

      Some learning curve going on here for me.


      From really old software & MAC to really new software & MAC.    Thanks for any help.