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    Stroke weight problem in ID CS5

    soypescador Level 1

      I have a simple photography book created in InDesign CS5 with one image per page. All the image containers have a stroke applied of 1 pt, aligned outside. The vertical images have a much narrower stroke (by half) than the horizontal images, all with the same settings. I have removed the stroke from all of the containers, and replaced them again with no improvement. There are no object styles applied to the containers. They all have fitting >fit content proportionally, then fit frame to content.


      I must be doing something wrong.Is should be very simple. Any ideas will be appreciated.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Did you scale the frames? It Sounds like either you have your preference under Object Editing on the General tab set to Adjust Scaling Percentage rather than Apply to Content, or if not, you've checked Adjust Stroke Weight When Scaling in either the Control Panel or Transform Panel flyout menu.

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            soypescador Level 1

            Thank you for all of your time and consideration; I explored all the possibilites and still no luck. I have done a dozen of these books, but this is the first one in CS5.


            I am thinking of starting over, or trying a new file with a small sample of images, just to see if the problem goes away.