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    How to generate a .MOV file from PrEL 9?

    Mr Nielsen



      I'm struggeling with creating an output file from my project that will not "loose" quality in the same way as creating a DVD from my project that is being made up of AVCHD clips). Someone told me that its possible to create a .MOV file as output from PrEl9 but I havent figured how to do that.


      1. Will it be possible to create a .mov file (intention is to, in that case, this .mov file to a media player and replay the whole lot from there to my LED TV set)


      2. Is the suggestion I previously got, that .mov will keep the quality from my original footage (avchd)



      If above not possible and if I dont want to go the "blu-ray" way - how can I get my output to my media player without having to loose quality from my original data (after editing in a PrEL 9 project)




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The word "quality" can mean dozens of things, Mr. N. It could refer to bitrate or resolution or color or any of a number of other characteristics of video and/or audio.


          But if you're asking can you output a hi-def MOV file, the answer is yes. You just need to create a preset for it that uses the H.264 codec.


          To do that, go to Share/Computer/MOV, make sure you've selected the option to create a 1920x1080 (square pixels) or 1440x1080 (anamorphic pixels) file and then click the Advanced button to create a new preset for your specs. You don't say if you're on a Mac or a PC, but the options are different for each.


          Meantime, you don't say why you're intent on saving your file as an MOV. But if you tell us where you plan to display this file or how you plan to use it and we may have some additional recommendations. (For instance, at these settings, you're NOT going to be able to post it online.) There may be more efficient workflows for what you're trying to do.

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            Mr Nielsen Level 1

            Hi Steve...and thanks for helping out

            I'm on a PC riunning widws 7 (if that makes any differences to somethin). The reason I was asking for .MOv specifically was because I got a recomendation some time ago frm someone.....


            What I really struggle with here I guess, is that I'm not at all into the different formats and what drawbacks and upsides there are depending upon what to do. And as a ersult of this, I only know the DVD generation and the Blue ray disc generation because these are the "easy accesibble" methods since they are pre-defined on the software´s menus (sort of)


            My first couple of video projects I did, I tried to burn to a DVD jsut to see what it looked like, but as expected the result was awful compared to the original files.....what I erally would like to do is to (in the end) have a collection of videofiles (as output from my edited projecs) and be able to in a smooth and easy way show these "movies" on my 46 inch LED TV. What I had hoped for was to use some sort of media player that could spport the format I hopefully can be able to save my output in......so basically my problems is that :

            1. I dont know how to save he best possible format from my edited moves

            2. Dont know whereto put these if I in the ed an understand and manage to egnerate a "good format" - i have ben trying to get a good recommendation aout a media player fr this purpose that ca handle the format I should saveteh files in

            3. Skilled people here talking about different kind of code's which unforunatelly means nothing to me (at least not yet -))


            Ireally enjoy trying to improve my sklls here, but seems to be a struggle o get ino the details about these basic questions......not so funny to spend a lot fo time with teh editing jsut to not be able to see a good result or even know how to make it possible to replay in agood way to my TV set. So, original plan is just to be able o build up a library with god quality movies to display on TV - nothing else like sharing online (not at the moment at least)


            By the way - just got two of your books delivered from amazon.com that I have started readig Ph Elements & Pr Elements 9  + the one with cool tips & tricks :-)


            Hopefully you can help me out here with above questions Steve. Appreciate your help !!



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              Mr Nielsen Level 1

              Steve, just an immediate question to your tips - Shaer/computer/MOV, do not have a MOV option here...just Adobe Flash Video/MPEG/AVI.....am I missing some choice here that should be visible? Or are u referring to the MPEG choice? If so, I tried this and then selected the 1920x1080 25 option available. Here it then says : "File type : MPEG2-Blue Ray" bu I guess there will be limitiations for this output file compared to if I would have burned a BlueRay disc using the option from Premiere Elements??


              Was this the way to go, or should I have seen some MOV option (or is .MOV similar/the same as .MPEG/2?)




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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Thank you for supporting my books, Mr. N! I hope they'll answer a lot of your questions.


                Try scrolling down the list of output options under Share/Computer. MOV is in there. I promise.


                Though, again, I hope you'll tell us how and where you plan to display or use your video output. Once we know this, we can recommend the best output settings for you.

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                  Mr Nielsen Level 1

                  Hi again Steve

                  Think you missed one of my posts above (actually did 2 replies after each other). The "longer" one above actually describes more of the questions you ásked for explanation around, like where I would like to present my output etc....pelase have a look to my posts above in this thread.....


                  Hope this will give some clarity for you to explain more around this, and hopefuly also guide me through what hardware to get to be able to fulfil the scenario I'm looking for....