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    Audio issue

    jmoore09 Level 1
      I need to control an audio file by keyframes so I am using the following script to start the audio file needed.

      s=new Sound(this);
      s.start(0,999); // <- if you want this to loop 999 times

      I now need to stop this audio file when I get to a certain frame.

      Having trouble doing so. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Level 7
          If the sound object "S" is in the same timeline, then you could place a
          keyframe at the frame where you want the sound to stop and then place an
          action on that keyframe:


          Alternately, you could use an enterframe function to look at the current
          frame number and execute the stop when the playback head reaches that

          this.onEnterFrame = function() {
          if (this._currentframe == X) {
          delete this.onEnterFrame;

          substitute the actual frame number for the "X" in the code above.
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            jmoore09 Level 1
            Perfect. That was easy enough.

            Thanks Rob.