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    RTMFP group neighbor

    Stenrap2 Level 1

      A few questions about who is considered a "neighbor" in an RTMFP group:


      1. Suppose I am the first person to connect to an RTMFP group. Will my NetStatusEvent handler be called every time a new person connects to the NetGroup (with its info.code property set to "NetGroup.Neighbor.Connect")? For example, if 1,000 people connect after me from all over the world, will I be notified about all of them?
      2. Suppose I am the last person to connect to an RTMFP group that already has 1,000 people. Will my  NetStatusEvent handler immediately be called 1,000 times (with its info.code property set to  "NetGroup.Neighbor.Connect")?
      3. What if one person leaves the group, either by explicitly closing the NetConnection or by closing his browser. Will all 1,000 people be notified that he left?