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    PDFs cannot load MOV files

    PeytonT Level 1

      This may be a Firefox problem rather than an Adobe Reader problem but so far the Firefox forum has not been able to solve it:


      I have a website that loads PDFs into the user's browser. In each of those PDFs there are links to MOV (Quicktime) files that open windows for the user to view video. That all works perfectly on my two Win 7 64-bit PCs, both in Windows Internet Explorer (IE) and in Firefox (version 4.0.1). And it works in IE on both my Win XP PCs.


      However, in Firefox (version 4.0.1) on both Win XP PCs, when I click on a link to a MOV file I get a little window saying the file could not be loaded, perhaps because it doesn't exist.


      In Firefox on both those Win XP PCs, I also have no problem if the MOV file is embedded within the PDF itself.


      This seems to suggest an issue involving the configuration of security, but resetting those parms (allowing blocked sites, etc.) does not solve it.


      I'll be grateful for any help you can provide!



      P.S. There are also some problems on Macs that I'll post on another thread...