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    Libre ~ Error 2038 "failed to open the file"


      Good morning.


      I have a Libre-eBook reader Pro.

      I have downloaded and synced from Kobo to my Libre with no problems.


      But when I try to download ebooks from the public library they download and open in Digital Editions just fine.  I drag and drop them into the bookshelf marked Libre-eBook Reader Pro.

      They show up when I turn on my ebook, but when I try to open them I get the 'failed to open the file'.


      I was also getting the Error 2038 in Digital Editions when I did the drag and drop thing.  I read through the forum and went through the steps recommended for the Nook ~ deleting the digital editions folder on my ebook and having Adobe reauthorize it.  I no longer get the 2038 error message in Adobe, but I am still unable to open the books from the library.

      I have tried deleting the books from ereader and ADE and redownloading from the Library.  Didn't help.


      Any other suggestions?